Experiments, Spectacles, and Parody at Le Chat Noir

Portrait of M. Félix Fénéon in 1890, Paul Signac, 1890

Rodolphe Salis, the grandiose owner of Le Chat Noir, declared

“The Chat Noir is the most extraordinary cabaret in the world. You rub shoulders with the most famous men of Paris, meeting there with foreigners from every corner of the world.”

The thing is Salis wasn’t entirely wrong.

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William Faulkner Illustrated

A few weeks ago I went to the Harry Ransom Center in Austin. They have an excellent section dedicated to new acquisitions. (And boy does it acquire.) I saw an Aubrey Beardsley piece from afar and went to look at it. But it wasn’t Beardsley’s.

It was William Faulkner’s.

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