Wonderful Adventures of Nils Illustrations

When my husband and I went to Sweden I was charmed by their currency, the Swedish krona.

One, women are on it. On a common note. I love you Sacagawea coin, but I’m not about to use you, darling. Their currency was colourful and had character. I find US money bland and not exactly friendly to visually impaired people. (This 99% Invisible piece on US paper money is worth a read/listen.)

Anyway, what struck me most was the back of the 20 krona. A red-capped boy riding a goose.

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William Faulkner Illustrated

A few weeks ago I went to the Harry Ransom Center in Austin. They have an excellent section dedicated to new acquisitions. (And boy does it acquire.) I saw an Aubrey Beardsley piece from afar and went to look at it. But it wasn’t Beardsley’s.

It was William Faulkner’s.

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